About Us

Trusted Relationship

We know that when you make an appointment with Excellence in Dentistry, you will be very comfortable and confident with our reliable staff and understanding doctors.

We want to be your “allies for life” in the battle against dental decay. We also want to be your friend. We are dedicated to providing you with only the highest quality of dental care available today.

At Excellence in Dentistry, we take pride in our work and stand behind the work we do. However, the long term prognosis and success is mostly determined by you, the patient. Your teeth and dental work will ultimately last as long as you take good care of them.

We are happy to provide pointers to help you become “excellent” with your dental home care. Keeping regular appointments for check-ups and professional maintenance will keep the warranty on your dental work intact.

Excellence in Dentistry Channing Way Idaho Falls

Our Office

The lobby has plenty of space for adults to sit and children to play. There are toys and children’s books for your kids to enjoy as well.

Infection Control

We take your health very seriously, which is why we perform measures in our office to reduce the chances of infection and cross-contamination of disease from patient to patient. Our sterilization and disinfection protocols meet, and in many cases exceed, the standard set by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) for health professional practice clinics.

Face Masks

All of our clinical personnel wear face masks during active patient care. These physical barriers assist in reducing the spread of organisms from person to person.


New non-latex are worn for every patient. These assure you that the chance of contamination from others is very minimal.

Disinfection of Counters and Other Surfaces

You will note that there is occasional chemical odor associated with wiping surfaces. These chemicals are necessary to clean any surfaces that are touched during patient treatment.

Items Attached to Dental Operating Units

Drills, air blowers, suction, etc. are disinfected with chemicals. A slight chemical odor will be noticeable to you.


All metal instruments that are placed in your mouth have been sterilized in heat and high pressure chemical autoclaves. Plastic or other items have been sterilized by chemicals.