Excellence In Dentistry is AMAZING!
My previous dentist wouldn't just fix my main problem (broken tooth/filling). He was planning and pushing for more work than what I was needing.
He/they made me feel like a terrible person and I left feeling like I might as well give up on my oral health and I felt that I might as well get dentures.
Since switching to Excellence In Dentistry, I no longer feel like my oral health is a complete loss and I no longer feel pressured to get things fixed that aren't bothering me.
If you or someone you know is feeling this way, I would highly recommend Excellence In Dentistry.
Teagan B.

Dr. Godfrey and his staff have always treated my family and myself with the upmost respect and care. They are all aware of my dental anxiety and do everything possible to make my visits as comfortable as possible. Sedation dentistry is my new favorite thing. I have never had a billing or insurance issue and have never been charged more than what I was quoted. Dr. Godfrey and his staff have always given me multiple options to work within my budget. I will always have dental anxiety, but Dr Godfrey and his staff have always provided me with excellent care.

Denise C.

Excellent dentist! They are all so caring and amazing with all ages.

Chelsie M.