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Sedation Dentistry in Idaho Falls, ID

There’s so much dentistry can do these days to make your mouth healthier and your smile more beautiful. Yet many people don’t take advantage of this because of a long-standing fear of dental treatment. If you are one of these people, rest assured that it’s possible to have an experience that’s free of anxiety and pain. This can be accomplished by blocking your sensations of pain with local anesthetics or by giving you medication that can help you relax. Sometimes both are needed to ensure maximum comfort, especially if you are someone for whom the injections that deliver local anesthetics are themselves a major source of anxiety.

When you are afraid of dental treatment, your guard goes up and your pain threshold goes down; anticipating that something will hurt makes you hypersensitive to every sensation — even sound. If this describes your experience in the dental chair, then you might benefit from sedatives that can be given during your visit to make that anxiety melt away.

Before any particular sedative is recommended, you will be asked to provide your complete health history, including any medications you are currently taking — both prescription and over-the-counter. It is also important to know if you smoke or drink. On the day of your treatment, you may need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment as certain medications take time to wear off.

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How does Sedation Dentistry Works?

A sedation dentist gives patients medication to help them relax during their procedure. This is in addition to the regular pain treatment, or anesthesia, which is typically performed through an injection into the affected area for most patients. Sedation also helps to reduce patient anxiety and awareness of the procedure’s aspects.

Sedation for dental procedures can be mild sedation, moderate sedation, or deep sedation.  Most patients stay attentive but calm when under light sedation. Patients who receive moderate sedation experience a deeper level of relaxation and may not recall much of the operation. Patients who are sedated deeply are awake but drowsy and distant from their environment.

Why Should You Choose Dental Sedation?

There are numerous reasons to consider sedation dentistry and discuss it with your dentist. Sedation can help put your concerns and frustrations to rest and make your next dentist appointment more pleasant, whether you’re afraid about a procedure or worried that it will be uncomfortable. If you’re afraid about a dental operation or concerned about your comfort, here are the top advantages of dental sedation.

Dental sedation is completely safe.

When administered by qualified specialists, sedation dentistry is a safe procedure with few adverse effects. Our Idaho Falls Dentist undergoes extensive training to perform oral and IV sedation dentistry, oral conscious sedation, deep sedation and even administering laughing gas. This implies you’ll be in the hands of a well-trained and reputable specialist.

Recovery Time Is Short

Depending on the sedation dentistry treatment you choose, your recovery time can range from very short to somewhat quick. After you stop breathing it in, the laughing gas will wear off in about 2 minutes. Oral and IV sedation both take longer to wear off, with IV sedation taking longer. However, after a solid night’s sleep, you should be alright.

Dental Sedation Can Help You Relax

Dentists are feared by the majority of people all over the world. Others have had a bad experience at the dentist in the past, making them hesitant about visiting again. Even so, going to the dentist might fill these individuals with dread. As a result, individuals may skip visiting the dentist entirely, jeopardizing their oral health.

Naturally, if you have a phobia of the dentist, you’ll want to find a way to conquer it so you can keep your teeth healthy. The most significant advantage of dental sedation is that it can help you relax prior to, during, and after your procedure. This relaxes you and allows you to get treatment.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Feel Better

To ask about sedation dentistry, you do not need to be afraid of the dentist. Patients who need extensive dental procedures may inquire about sedation, which can help them feel more at ease and relaxed throughout longer treatments.

You may get tense as you anticipate pain. Patients who have low pain thresholds, sensitive gag reflexes, or sensitive teeth can consider dental sedation to help them relax during their next dental procedures. And, throughout any dental surgery, relaxing is an easy approach to lessen your overall discomfort.

Ways to Relieve Dental Anxiety: Types of Sedation Services We Offer

Oral Sedation — Oral sedation (given by mouth) is a popular option for many people precisely because it does not require the use of needles. Oral sedatives are either swallowed whole in pill form or can be dissolved under the tongue. Both methods work in a matter of minutes. A variety of oral sedative and anxiolytic (anxiety-dissolving) medications have been developed through extensive research and testing to make your experience of dental treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible. All have long safety records after decades of use, and several even have “amnesic” properties, meaning you will remember little to nothing, even though you are conscious throughout the treatment. Commonly prescribed medications include Valium®, Halcion®, Sonata®, Ativan®, Vistaril®, and Versed®. 

Inhalation Conscious Sedation — Nitrous oxide, a sedative you inhale, has been used in dental offices for nearly 100 years. It is a relatively poor pain reliever but a very good anti-anxiety medication. It is administered through a nasal hood, which resembles a small cup that is placed over your nose. The oxygen mixed with nitrous oxide provides a light-headed or even euphoric feeling, which is quick to wear off so there is no “hangover” effect. All bodily functions remain essentially normal during the use of this sedative, which is very safe.

IV Conscious Sedation — Sedatives delivered directly into the bloodstream intravenously (into the vein) are more potent than when taken orally, and the amnesic effects may be more profound. Because IV sedation has an almost immediate effect on the body and its functions — including heart rate, blood pressure and breathing — there is a higher degree of risk associated with it than with other types of sedatives. There is also a higher level of training required for those who administer it. As with all sedation (except nitrous oxide), you must be monitored with specialized equipment throughout your IV sedation treatment. The main advantage is that drugs administered this way work immediately and the level of sedation can be adjusted more quickly and easily. And with most sedatives, you won’t remember a thing about your dental procedure after the sedative wears off.


In keeping with our commitment to gentle dentistry, Dr Godfrey has completed the necessary training and certification to practice sedation dentistry. The use of sedative procedures is strictly regulated by Idaho’s dental board, so you can be confident that you are in good hands.

When being sedated, there is always a risk; nevertheless, when administered by an experienced dentist like, Dr. Godfrey, rest assured that it is extremely safe. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea or obesity should seek medical advice before undergoing sedation, as they are more prone to develop complications.

People who are unable to undergo dental treatment due to fear or anxiety might consider sedation dentistry. It’s also appropriate for people who:

  • Have a poor threshold for discomfort

  • Have a sensitive mouth or a strong gag reflex?

  • If you have a major dental problem that requires multiple treatments, sedation dentistry helps you to complete them in fewer visits.

Sedation dentistry costs may vary depending on whatever procedure you choose, which treatment you receive, and how long that treatment lasts. To learn more about the cost of your specific sedation procedure, contact Excellence in Dentistry. We also offer a wide range of financing and payment options to help you get the sedation you want while staying within your budget.

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